Ikon Black Country Voyages

Black Country Voyages at The Red House Glass Cone

9 August 2014

9 August — 13 September 2014

Free entry. Open to all ages.

Juneau Projects, the lead artists for Black Country Voyages 2014 participate in Nature, an interactive exhibition taking place during the school holidays.

The installation includes three large-scale sculptures covered with paintings and drawings created by members of the public. The sculptures take their shape and form from a white-washed outbuilding situated on Skokholm, an island off the west coast of Wales. For many years the interior of the building was decorated with paintings of birds and the island’s wildlife, made by visitors to Skokholm. In 2011 the paintings were removed and this work represents Juneau Projects’ homage to Skokholm and the Friends of Skokholm and Skomer.

What is your favourite bird, animal or plant from the Black Country? Visit the exhibition and add your own paintings and drawings, inspired by your experiences of the natural world. This exhibition also includes paintings by local artists and creative activities for children.

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The Red House Glass Cone, High Street, Stourbridge DY8 4AZ, United Kingdom